Top 10 Things you need to know about International TV

  1. International TV channels account for the five largest channels in Europe
  2. 88% of Affluent Europeans are reached monthly by International media platforms (IASE 18)
  3. 94% of Affluent Europeans consider International TV brands to be trusted – the more affluent the higher the level of trust placed on INTV brands. (IASE 18)
  4. So do advertisers with luxury brands, prestigious airlines and premium hotels having advertised on International TV for years (IASE 18)
  5. Advertisers spent €633m on 11 Pan-European TV channels in 2017
  6. International TV reaches 4.6m Business Decision Makers every day
  7. International TV channels are 71% more likely to reach Frequent Business Air Travellers (6 trips/+) than Non INTV. (IASE 18)
  8. International TV increases Consideration and Purchase by 67% vs Non International TV environments. (Project Engagement)
  9. Frequent INTV viewers are twice as likely to be ‘aspirational’ stating to be career driven & high achievers. (GWI Q1. 18)
  10. Frequent INTV viewers from the Top 10% Income Group are 57% more likely to buy premium products. (GWI Q1. 18)


Ipsos Affluent Survey Europe 2018 (IASE) universe: 52.3m
Global Web Index Q1 2018 (GWI) universe:
Project Engagement sample: 1,500 (UK, France & Germany)