The Power of International Media

International media is cost-effective and proven to work. Campaigns on international TV increase advertising awareness, brand involvement and continue brand conversations through word-of mouth. With a single media buy, international is a cost-effective way of reaching audiences in dozens of countries at once with the same message. For more about advertising effectiveness, take a look at the topics below:


International TV is cost-effective when compared to its national counterpart. The whole of Europe can be reached with a single spot, driving down the cost per thousand compared to using TV channels in several countries.
Advertisers have the ability to integrate their brands with the media and produce content to maximise value and minimise cost of entry.


Advertising breaks are shorter on international TV, resulting in increased levels of brand awareness and advertising recall.
No. of ads in break% recall ads
Source: Billett Consultancy
International TV audiences are 75% more likely to describe the content as ‘Engaging’ than viewers of national TV alone


Beyond the traditional measures of driving awareness and involvement, international media has been proven to drive word of mouth for brands, which studies suggest is the biggest driver of purchase intention.
International media audiences contain a high proportion of influencers and brand ambassadors. These are individuals with a broad business and social network who are more likely to start conversations about our advertisers’ brands, encourage others to try products or comment on issues which are important to clients’ brand objectives
For many of the premium brands who advertise using international TV, reaching this influencer audience is a key brand goal – and research shows that international audiences are more likely to be 1.5 times as likely to recommend brands to the people around them