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26 shareholders including France Televisions (France), RAI (Italy), RTR (Russia), TRT (Turkey), SSR (Switzerland), NBC News and Media Global Network
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12 linguistic editions available on all devices
World & Sub-Saharan Africa TV feeds

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Rolex, Innogames, Microsoft, Polish Investment & Trade, Japan Government/Development/Tourism, Indian Tourist Board, Copernicus, BASF, Turkish Airlines, FX Pro, Morocco Development Board, Exxon Mobil, Samsung, Azerbaijan Tourist Office, Ponant

Channel profile
Europe’s Town Square
Euronews is Europe’s largest and most trusted news network.  It is the place where the people of Europe come together to have a conversation about the issues that matter to them, providing the ultimate platform for Europeans to understand and engage with the world around them.

600 journalists from 30+ nationalities deliver a unique perspective on international news across 12 bespoke editions.
All voices, all views, all welcome
Brand extensions
  • Africanews
  • Livingit
Embrace is Euronews/Africanews in-house creative content agency.
We empower brands to tell their stories and engage with audiences.  We are experts in crafting stories that inspire and engage.  We collaborate with partners to create tailored campaigns that will inspire targeted audiences across TV, digital and social.  Our approach gives you the right mix for your communication strategy.  Trustworthy coverage and opinions, eye catching content and memorable events that drive conversation.
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61.4M Page Views
14M Unique Browsers

Source: comScore DAX, July 2018
Measurement and research
  • Syndicated Surveys: Ipsos Affluent Surveys (Affluent Europe, Affluent Middle East, Affluent Africa), Global Web Index (GWI), Africascope
  • Bespoke Qualitative and Quantitative studies
  • International Ad Spend data: Kantar – TNS Media Intelligence for TV & Ad Clarity for digital
  • Digital Analytics: ComScore DAX/Adobe, Lotame, Quantcast, Grapeshot