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DW (English) / DW (Deutsch) / DW (Deutsch+) / DW (Arabia) / DW (Espanol)

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TV: English, German, Arabic, Spanish (24/7 channels)

Online: English, German, Arabic, Spanish and 26 other languages like Russian, Farsi, Hindi, Indonesian, Portuguese or Chinese

List 10 key international advertisers

DHL Deutsche Post, Daimler, Turkish Airlines, Malaysia Tourism, IFAD, Make in India, Wonderful Indonesia, Department of Tourism, Resorts of Adjara A.R., Sachsische Staatskanzlei, European Cherries

Channel profile

A renewed focus on international news has led to the relaunch of DW’s English channel. But other channels have been updated as well. DW’s international television programming combines breaking news with features, magazines and documentaries covering politics, business, culture and sports on five channels in four languages delivering the right content for each broadcasting region. Our viewers benefit from programming that is tailored to individual regions while providing an exceptional overview of events from around the world. DW also creates platforms for intercultural dialogue between Europe and the Arab world, such as the very successful co-production Shababtalk – a talk show about youth culture. The audience DW attracts are mostly global leaders in business and politics who form a financially-strong, influential demographic. They are opinion leaders with buying power representing an interesting and clearly-defined world that we reach with precision.


Full-service video production, creative graphic solutions,
sponsorship opportunities for our TV magazines as well as major events like Global Media Forum.

Distribution data
Total worldwide distribution English channel:
442 Mio. households

Total worldwide distribution German channel:
49 Mio.

Total Middle East distribution Arabic channel:
59 Mio. households

Total Latin America distribution Spanish channel:
20 Mio. Households
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Monthly Unique Browsers


36 Mio

Measurement and research

IPSOS Affluent Europe

DW continuously commissions nationally and urban representative media studies for DW’s evaluation and strategic planning purposes.