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New Media Research by GlobalWebIndex Reveals Valuable Untapped TV Audience

New research by the International Television Research Group (inTV) and GlobalWebIndex has identified an untapped TV audience of 112.5 million consumers who are frequent consumers of international TV channels, but who fall outside of the top income segment that advertisers usually target through ad campaigns on international TV channels.International TV channels (i.e. those that are […]

‘Era of fake news’ driving affluent consumers to international media brands

Sonia Marguin, Head of Research at Euronews and Chairperson at inTV, comments, “With so much instant information, clutter and fake news, time-squeezed affluent consumers are being more selective about which media brands they use. They really value the impartial content provided by international TV channels and so are more likely to engage with them than national TV brands. That’s why, when looking at the international TV channels within the inTV group, we reach 86% of C-Suite Europeans.”